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Pre-Potted Amaryllis
These selections make great gifts for any occasion, especially during the holiday season. They are also an easy way to have a beautiful Amaryllis blooming in your home. 
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Self Watering Amaryllis pot

Self-Watering Amaryllis Pot with Bulb
Exclusively from Amaryllis Bulb Company
Our exclusive new creation combines a classic Amaryllis pot design with an incredible innovation: it's self watering. No need to worry about over or under watering or leaving your Amaryllis un-attended for a while. Fill the pot with water and let your Amaryllis thrive. Comes complete with the Large Flowering Amaryllis of your choice. Makes a lovely gift.
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Our Collection of Pre-Potted Amaryllis
Our Pre-potted kits come complete with the Large Flowering Amaryllis of your choice, expertly potted in one of our unique terra cotta pots. Each kit is ready to go when it arrives, you just add water and in 6-8 weeks you'll have a glorious Amaryllis blooming in your home. We manufacture these terra cotta pots in the US, for un-matched quality and detail. These combinations make the perfect holiday gift! Make your choice and call 888-966-9866 to order. Also great corporate gifts, call us for bulk pricing.
Cherub pot with Red Lion Swirl pot with Minerva Dutch Pot with Susan
Plastic Pot
$9.75ea., 3+ $8.25
Cherub Pot
Swirl Pot
Dutch Pot
Striped pot with Red Lion Glazed Ceramic Asian Pots Tufted pot with Orange Sovereign Drape pot with 3 Amaryllis
Striped Pot
Ceramic Asian Pots
with your choice of Dwarf bulb. Available in white, cobalt, emerald and red.
$29.95 / $34.95 red

Tufted Pot

with your choice of:
2 Large Flowering
or 1 Jumbo Bulb

Drape Pot w/ 3 Amaryllis
Guaranteed to Bloom
All of our Pre-Potted Amaryllis are guaranteed to bloom. To have a beautiful bloom for the holidays, start watering 6 to 8 weeks before. How wonderful to have a gorgeous flower blooming inside your home in the middle of winter!
Order Now
Call us at 1-888-966-9866 or e-mail us to order these beautiful Pre-Potted Amaryllis for yourself or as a gift.

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