Double Amaryllis

Double the beauty! Double Amaryllis are a distinctive variation on the large flowering version. The flower size and stalk height are the same as the large flowering Amaryllis, except that a "double" flower is produced. In essence, what you have is a flower within a flower. Large 26-28 cm bulbs, produce 4-6 flowers per bulb, grow to an average of 20 inches in height. Flowering time 7-9 weeks.

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  1. Alfresco Double Amaryllis

    South African amaryllis (Hadeco) hybrids are among the most breathtaking amaryllis available. Learn More
  2. Amadeus

    Double White Amaryllis with pink tips Learn More
  3. Marquis

  4. Blossom Peacock

    White Double with Red Edging Learn More
  5. Dancing Queen

    Dancing Queen is a fully double variety featuring lively red stripes on bright white. Learn More
  6. Elvas

    Elvas is a double petaled bright white featuring a deep magenta dusting near the center and a fine picotee edge.

    • Bulb size 26/28 cm
    • Forces indoors in about 6 weeks
    • Average height 18-20"
    Learn More
  7. Ice Queen

    Plant “Ice Queen” for huge , pure white double blooms. Growing on sturdy stems, It is a stand out with its fluffy, snowflake petals. One of our new favorites! Learn More
  8. Lady Jane Double Amaryllis

    Apricot rose, brushed with white. Learn More
  9. Special Offers - Our Choice Special

    Spring is almost here and the savings on amaryllis bulbs are the best of the season! Let us pick out 6 bulbs for you and enjoy tremendous savings. Bulbs will vary from large flowering, doubles, dwarfs and varieties so you are assured a nice assortment. Tags will be included with each bulb. Learn More
  10. malaga

    Malaga is a beautiful double amaryllis featuring large bright red double flowers. Bulb size 26/28 cm. Learn More
  11. Nymph

  12. Red Peacock Double Amaryllis

    Red Peacock Double Amaryllis

    Learn More
  13. Rozetta Amaryllis

    Double petals in rose with a hint of a white throat and a white streak on outer petal centers. Forcing time of 4-5 weeks with warm soil temperatures 26/28 cm sized bulb Average height of 14 inches Learn More
  14. Snow White

    • Frilly Full Double
    • Medium height
    • bulb size is 26/28 cm
    Learn More
  15. Surprise Package

    One of the most stunning displays of color comes when several bulbs of different colors are planted at random, near each other. To help you achieve this, we offer a random mixture (our choice) of 10 different bulbs. Learn More
  16. White Peacock Double Amaryllis

    Pure white double amaryllis Learn More

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