Dwarf Amaryllis

As the name suggests, these beauties are smaller than the large flowering Amaryllis, but by no means less impressive. They are an ideal complement to their larger cousins, or stunning on their own. Although each flower is smaller than a large Amaryllis, the Dwarfs produce up to 12 flowers per bulb! Large 26-28 cm. bulbs, grow to an average height of 18-22 inches. Flowering time 7-10 weeks.


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  1. Cybister Bogata Amaryllis
  2. Red Amaryllis - Barbados

    Barbados is a magnificent velvet red with a bright white throat

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  3. Samba

    Samba is a new bright red and white variety that has notable ruffled inner petals and a pale green center.   Samba is a cheery addition to any indoor or garden setting.

    • Bulb size 26/28 cm
    • Height: 18-24"
    • Forces in approximately 6-8 weeks
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  4. Amaryllis Glee

  5. Half & Half
  6. Lemon Star

    Lemon StarĀ® is a soft yellow large flowering amaryllis. The elegant star-shaped flowers of the Lemon Star have large white petals with a lemon-yellow heart. 26/28 cm bulb size. Learn More
  7. Opal Star
  8. Stardust

    Stardust is a large flowering variety featuring red that fades to white with interesting speckles and a red outline.

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8 Item(s)