Large Flowering Amaryllis

These Amaryllis are the most common and popular of the Amaryllis family. We have 18 stunning varieties to choose from, ranging from glowing solid colors to festive stripes. These bulbs are great indoors or out and supply vibrant color to your home or garden.

A few things to keep in mind about our large flowering bulbs:

  • All bulbs are primed to bloom when you receive them.
  • Each bulb will produce 2-3 stems and 4-6 flowers per stem.
  • They grow to an average of 18-24 inches in height.
  • Flowering time is 8-11 weeks depending on temperature

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  1. Red Wax

    Out of stock

    > The anyone can grow Amaryllis

    just sit it in a warm location and let it grow no potting no watering .

    Idea for Nursing Homes, or someone that does not have time to care for plants,

    Bulbs are extra large 32+ cm

    Will be gift boxed 

    LIMITED QUANITIES so order early 

    Will not be ready for shipment until November 1

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  2. Appleblossom Amaryllis

    Pure white brushed with soft pink.

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  3. Christmas Gift Large Flowering Amaryllis

    Pure White . Tall , strong scapes that support huge 7” plus sized blooms. Learn More
  4. Gervase

    Its rose-pink petals with white highlights are randomly streaked with red. 

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  5. Hercules Large Flowering Amaryllis

      The Hercules amaryllis is a breathtaking beauty with it's fuschia/pink huge blooms Learn More
  6. LaForest Morton Large Flowering Amaryllis


    Dare to dazzle with this spectacular hot pink Amaryllis.
    Large blooms of solid deep pink with lavender undertones as it matures.
    Bulb size 32/34 cm in circumference
    Each bulb will produce 2-3 stems and 4-6 flowers per stem
    Grows from 16-24 inches in height
    Flowering time is 6-8 weeks
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  7. Samba

    Samba is a new bright red and white variety that has notable ruffled inner petals and a pale green center.   Samba is a cheery addition to any indoor or garden setting.

    • Bulb size 26/28 cm
    • Height: 18-24"
    • Forces in approximately 6-8 weeks
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  8. Minerva Large Flowering Amaryllis

    Red with white star center and a lime green throat.

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  9. Moon Scene

    p>Large flowering white with striped red.Long stems  up to 24inches tall

    bulb size 28/30cm

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  10. Rilona Large Flowering Amaryllis

      A heirloom variety that still amazes year after year. Large, backswept apricot/salmon blooms manage to easily warm your home and garden. Learn More
  11. Orange Sovereign Large Flowering Amaryllis

    No description Learn More
  12. Picasso

    White with a fine red penciled border. An all-time favorite.
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  13. Pink Flush
  14. Liberty Large Flowering Amaryllis

    Deep, rich, velvet red. Another holiday classic.
    Bulb size: 32/34 cm in circumference
    Each bulb will produce 2-3 stems and 4-6 flowers per stem
    Grows to an average of 20 inches in height
    Flowering time is 6-8 weeks
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  15. Red Amaryllis - Red Amaryllis - Barbados

    Barbados is a magnificent velvet red with a bright white throat

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  16. Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis

      Since 1958, still the king of the jungle in Dutch hybrids with large true red flowers. Learn More
  17. Royal Velvet

    Rich velvet red

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  18. Southern Hemisphere Amaryllis - Olaf

    Olaf is a 28/30 cm deep red beauty ideal for forcing. Beautiful for holiday displays!

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  19. Southern Hemisphere Amaryllis - Revelation

    REVELATION is a tall Cerise/Red Amaryliss variety. Learn More
  20. Surprise Package

    One of the most stunning displays of color comes when several bulbs of different colors are planted at random, near each other. To help you achieve this, we offer a random mixture (our choice) of 10 different bulbs. Learn More
  21. Stardust

    Stardust is a large flowering variety featuring red that fades to white with interesting speckles and a red outline.

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  22. Susan

    NO description Learn More
  23. United Nations

    White with red stripes

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